NEC PC-8001

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PC-8001 is an early NEC personal computer system that is based on the Z80 processor [2]. It was introduced at 01-AUG-1979 [1]. This computer was built and sold around the same time as the Sord M223 Mark III. We found this machine sitting in a recycle shop.


The keyboard has roman alphabets and Katakana symbols. There are only two arrow keys, and when you need to go to the other direction the Shift key needs to be pressed while pushing the arrow key. This behavior was the most inconvenient when I played with this type of machine a long time ago. The Sord system has more symbols than PC-8001.
NEC PC-8001

The I/O ports on the back are: AC100V, Power switch On/Off, Reset, Casette tape, Black and white display, Color display, Printer and External Bus.
Ports on the PC-8001

The bottom of the case tells us that the system consumes 20W. Our system has a serial number J 0112868.


There are only one logic board in the system. The board is named NEC PWD-101. PWD-101 has 16×μPD416C-3, 3×μPD2364C NBASIC ROM, μPD8257C-5, μPD780C-1, μPD1990C, μPD3301D, μPD2316EC and μPD8251C.
PWD-101 board in the NEC PC-8001

The power supply PCX-01-PWS is built by Shin Dengen Kogyo Kabushiki Gaisha.
PCX-01-PWS (PC-8001 PSU)

The system is still alive

This PC-8001 is still alive. By converting the TTL-level color video signals to 0.7Vpp and separate sync to composite sync, we confirmed the video output on an RGB monitor. The system had Ver 1.0 ROM.
PC-8001 screenshot

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