Computer Zoo

Society of Classic Computer Preservation and Restoration

Old computers must be kept in working condition: we need to build a Computer Zoo rather than a computer museum. By computers we mean not just boxes of computers, but also peripherals such as disks and tapes, parts of computers such as graphics adapters, marketing handouts, manuals and software. A computer zoo should be a ideological garden where each computer gives full play to its abilities. Visitors should be able to interact with many kinds of computers, write program for them, and play games on them.

To produce such a zoo, techniques for preserving and restoring old computers need to be shared. Why don't you join us to be the cornerstone to support this revolutionary system?


We are adding pictures of computers.
We decided to put all of our pictures in the public domain. We are adding notices in the bottom of appropriate pages.

To do

  1. Collect more computers
  2. Allocate a place where visitors can see computers


The Computer Zoo is presented by Hisanobu Tomari with the help from people at Hiraki Lab., Dept. of Computer Science, Grad. Sch. of Inf. Sci. & Technol., Univ. of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. Feel free to contact us.


We have a lot of Japanese computers but foreign computers are scarse. We are willing to exchange computers! Donations are welcome!

  1. IBM 5110 ROS (Read Only Storage) board
  2. Sun-1,2,3 (we have a keyboard for Sun-3)

Many machines have been donated after listing them here! Now the list is really short. Thanks!

tomari at is dot s dot u-tokyo dot ac dot jp / htomari at mail dot ru PGP public key (81466E97)